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Aug 19, 2009
Hello! I have a guinea problem. We have a separate chicken wired area within a regular chicken coop for our guinea flock of 7 that are 1 year and 5 months old. We hatched a keet (a baby guinea) from our guineas in an incubator 7 months ago and we are having problems introducing her into the flock of guineas. At around 3 months old, we put her in her own caged small section within the guinea area to introduce her slowly in hopes that they would begin to accept her by seeing her. We open her section up to all the guineas during the day when we can monitor them, their outside doors are open to be able to be outside, and then at night we re-close her in her section. When we have her out with the other guineas she is scared as they peck at her and charge at her with their chest, she hides her head in a corner and makes a cry sound or she will frantically fly around bumping into everything. We are concerned if they could kill her if we were to just leave her out amongst the guineas all day and when they are roosted inside for the night. We don't want anything to happen to her.
Does anybody know if guineas can kill each other or if it's just show as they work out the pecking order?
Is there anything anybody can advise to try to have these guineas accept the new one?
I am assuming since you said her its a female. My advice would be to get an extra male and put them together in a separate coop. Let them bond and then try to reintroduce them to the flock. I have never had trouble introducing extra females to my flock, the males seem overjoyed they have more women! Hope something works for you.

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