Need advice on how to hatch ducklings


9 Years
Mar 10, 2010
i have 4 pet mallard ducks, 2 hens and 2 drakes. my question is how do i get them to hatch ducklings? i know one of the hens lays an egg in her coupe once in a while but she never pays any attention to it after she lays it. is there a reason for this or is there anything i should be doing to get her to incubate the egg? i'm not even sure if it's fertile. i know very little about this aspect of raising ducks. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

Brickman House

10 Years
Feb 24, 2009
You're probably best off asking this in the Ducks forum, but generally, there's no surefire way to make a duck go broody and sit on her eggs.

You can try leaving the eggs in there, which may prompt her to sit, or it may not. You have to recognize that some breeds of ducks tend to go broody more than others, and hens within breeds that tend to go broody more often. You may just have a not particularly broody hen, and may be best off incubating artificially if you want ducklings.


11 Years
Nov 14, 2009
Boyers, Pa
They rarely sit on 1 egg. If she lays an egg a day it will take several days till she has enough to sit on. IF she's broody.
If not....wait till you have a few and stick them under a broody chicken if you have one. Or in the incubator.

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