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Okay so I live in South Dakota. And as you may know it has been an exceptionally dry winter. This is my first run with my bator and the humidity I could not get over 10 but after some research and some good candling results I continued. Well I just started lock down Saturday night and the humidity will not get over 40%. I placed a small jar of water with a sponge in it in the bator knowing I might have issues. I am also running a vaporizor outside the incubator. Tonight the kids notice I have the first little peep hole cracked out of one of the eggs. Do I need to continue worrying about the humidity? And what else is there to do?
I also live in South Dakota! I use a LG and I always fill my water trays and I take high walled rubbermaid storage tubs as wide as I can fit and put 2 sponges in it. The trick to humidity is surface area. So flat sponges will manage better then folded. I also set up a turkey baster with fish tubing to poke through the vent holes to refill my tubs with out opening the bater.

As for the babies keep a close eye on them and keep your humidity up as much as possable you really dont want to mess with it too much now. Babies take about 24 hours to hatch out so give them time and watch for distress. If its been like 2 days you may have to make a call on helping them but thats hard on them also. I can suggest putting in vent plugs if you have any out. Also remember when chicks hatch that will up the humidity because they are all wet. That will help the others! Good luck!
Cut a dish washing sponge in two lenght wise. Saturate them with water and stand on edge, one on each side of the LG. I do that plus keep all three water troughs full of water. If you use hot tap water the humidity lost opening the baytor to fill sponges and troughs will be replaced quickly.
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Congrats on your 1st baby! Good luck with the rest of your hatch. Your babies can go 3 days in the bater so dont rush and let your other little ones hatch. I turn out the lights and let them sleep for the 1st day out of the egg in the bater.

BTW what are you hatching and what part or SD are you located?

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