Need advice on keeping chickens when expecting to move

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    Hi, everyone! I hope I'm posting this in the right place- my questions cover several aspects of chicken care/flock management, so this seemed like the spot.

    I don't have any chickens yet. After 8.5 years of marriage I've convinced my husband that a few hens would be a lovely addition to our family, and he's even (finally!) agreed to "try to eat something that came from a pet's butt." But not yet. The problem is that my husband's job will most likely require that we move every 3-5 years. We're expecting to be in Newfoundland some time next summer, so we won't be getting our girls until then, much as it breaks my heart to wait. It just doesn't seem to make sense to get them now.

    So what I'm looking for right now is advice, if anyone has some to give. Will it be OK to keep chickens if we have to move that frequently? I'm guessing that a portable tractor would be our best bet for housing, though I'd like something a bit larger- any thoughts on other types of coop that might be movable (ie that could be easily transported in a U-Haul trailer)? What other things might I need to keep in mind when setting up and/or when preparing to move? Is this even something that will work?

    Thanks for your help! I'm very excited about possibly having chickens after about 14 years of loving them, but I'm so scared it won't work out.
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    IMO, your best bet is to only keep a few chickens (when you get them), like 2-4. Smaller numbers, and smaller housings are easier to transport. Coops like Eglus, and possibly other brands (at least you have time to that come apart would be much easier too. I think most breeds would do okay with a move (I doubt most chickens you'd ever have would live past one move anyhow, simply because of life span). Do know that the stress of a move will usually cause the birds to stop laying for a few weeks.
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    I think something like the 4x4 lean-to style coop on this page could work. The coops are pretty small but well built. You could possible modify it to put skid on the bottom, or even a couple wheels, and attach a cable so it could be moved when needed. Or I have seen them lifted by two men onto a regular truck, so they are not that heavy. It would fit well in a Uhaul too. You could also build a pen in sections, and hold them together with bolts that are easy to remove. When you move, all you would have to do is undo the bolts, and stack the panels.

    You can take inspiration from that coop instead of buying it to save a ton of money.
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