Need advice on neighbor concerning my duck...HELP!!!


10 Years
Feb 18, 2009
We have had some ducks come up missing in the last week... One we believe is a welsh harlequin(looks like one but we dont know for sure yet)... Well the neighbor(we dont get along with real well) has some crested sweedish looking ducks, they come to our house and roam all over the place... the other day they were in the field next to our house and i believe i saw our duck with them... I would love to get closer so i can tell for sure, but they are notorious for calling the cops on all neighbors(for example, one of the other neighbors turkeys went into the yard and they called the police),i am afraid they will call the cops on me if i try to get close and catch the one we think is ours.. We have NEVER seen a white duck in their flock, i have tired to call them but they dont ever call back... what do i do without having the cops called on me? If they do call the cops, how can i prove it is mine?? I dont have bands on their legs because they arent that old and i didnt plan on it escaping...I need advice on how to handle this situation... please help!!!!!
Do you have pictures of your ducks first of all? Contact your local sheriff's dept or police dept and let them know the situation and ask them how to proceede as the neighbors will not return your calls.

You could also send a letter to them and mail it.

If it were me, I would just go get my duck and if they asked why I was there I would advise them I have been trying to call them and have left messages but I needed to get my duck(s) back.

Good luck, it is a difficult position.
I would just go get the duck. If they call the cops, just tell them your duck got out and you didn't want it to bother the neighbor's ducks
binoculars! See it......go get it!
If they are real jerks, before you go out there, call the police and make an incident report. And advise the police of everything you told us. make sure you get a reference # and the persons name you spoke with. Then if they do all the cops you can reference the # the person you spoke with. They normally should not have a problem.
Good Luck!
Binoculars are a great suggestion.

If you are worried about it, call the police first and advise them on the situation. It is better to call the police first and get advice from them BEFORE trespassing and "harrassing" your neighbor's ducks, as I'm sure your neighbors would word it when THEY call the police.

I would simply call the police and even ask if one could come out to supervise the situation. You've an escaped duck and you believe it is running loose with your neighbors ducks, but your neighbors are notorious for calling the police.

I would use the binoculars to try to identify the duck, before all this hassle.

Some states have laws allowing a person to trespass when retrieving livestock. They are old laws that were intended to help you prevent your cow from destroying the neighbor's yard if she got out and was destroying the neighbr's flower garden while they were away or to allow a rancher to retrieve his stock without riding his horse 5 miles to get the neighboring rancher's permission to enter the property. What state are you in?
Make sure you are absolutely POSITIVE that it's your duck, and then just go get it. If you're worried about it, call the neighbor first and say, "Hey, I just saw one of my ducks on your property, I'm going to run over and grab him."

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