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Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by birdlover, Mar 2, 2009.

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    The farm where I work every year during the Fall festival has a few free range birds I take care of during the winter. There's 5 guineas, 1 black shouldered peacock and 3 sebright hens. The peacock, Sweet Pea, is now two years old and wants a sweetheart. I haven't seen it but the owner says he struts around and spreads his tail around those tiny little sebrights hoping to make "peackens", I guess. So, he (the owner) says he wants to get Sweet Pea a peahen but, assuming we were to find one, how would we go about hooking them up? There is a wonderful, huge pen we could put them in together or would it be better to just put the girl in and let them see each other through the wire? All the birds there at this time free range but they go in the pen to eat and drink because that's where their food is. Last Fall festival, we had a second peacock that was new and he was kept in a pen for 2 months, until the festival ended. Sweet Pea would come up to the wire and they would fight each other through the wire. Then, they seemed to chill and would just hang out together with the wire in between. The plan was to let the second peacock out to range with the first after the festival ended. I thought it would work but, the day I let the second one out, he just wandered out over the hills and was gone! I would hate for the same thing to happen with a peahen. I know how to introduce chickens but know nothing about peacock/peahen relations.
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    First of all, the male will not be fully fertile till he's 3 years old, and he gets a full 4-5' tail. Hens are not fully fertile till they are 2 years old. Males fight, and often one will be driven away. That is likely what happened to the other one. If you get a peahen, put them together in their pen for a couple months. They will bond, and stay together when you release them. Good luck!
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    India blue peacocks will breed at 2 years old. Are fertile with a small train(tail) Greens peacocks need to be 3 yr. old.

    Just put the peahen with him in the pen, 2 yr old peacocks can take care of 2 peahens, older peacocks can take care or 4 to 6 peahens.

    THE india blues(come in many colors) yearling peahen sometime lay,but most lay at 2 yr.

    Older peafowl are harder to break to free range, and most will take off. Best to keep the new peahen penned until after she raise her young. Plus alot of peahens get killed when setting the 28 days if free ranged.

    I sell lots of peahen to people were their got kill when free ranged. They do great free ranging as adults untill setting time.
    Think about a white peahen setting on a nest for 28 days, hard for her to hide.

    You 2nd peacock, my guess he went looking for a mate.
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    Thanks for your replies. I really appreciate it. I'll forward this to the owner of the farm so he can learn too. [​IMG]

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