Need advice on poultry netting


11 Years
Feb 1, 2008
Kentucky, USA
I'd like to have a flexible ceiling in the new pheasant pen, underneath the 2x4 welded wire ceiling, which is 7' tall. I've never used netting before, but it will be a good addition for this pen and smaller birds. Can you tell me what you've used and liked, and why? Where did you buy it? What advice can you share about installation, how long it lasts, etc.? Thanks in advance for your help.
Poultry netting is great for the top of your pen,but not anywhere else.The only problems I had with it,was squirrelIs like to chew on it,but it did last about 4 years. would not use the 2x4 wire on the sides either.It is way to big for predators to get ahold of your birds and pull them right thru.I like to use 1/2x1/2 hardwarecloth everywhere.It is a little more exspensive,but nothing can get thru it,and it will last a long time.I think it is well worth the price of protecting your birds.
In N.H.,Tony.
Hi Tony
I appreciate your advice & experience. The sides are 1" welded wire. I was also going to use the 1" wire on the top but since pheasants fly so well, it made sense to have a cushion underneath the 2x4 wire. Should I go ahead and add the 1" wire to the top? Squirrels can get thru the 2x4, and they visit the other pens daily. My main concerns were about the netting's longevity, so if anyone has used a netting you really like, it would be very helpful. I'm new to pheasant but have studied forums and websites for about a year. The pheasant pen is a 16'x16' section of an existing peafowl aviary. Our birds are pets and we enjoy them thoroughly; we'd just prefer to "do it right the first time". Any and all advice is welcome.
I thought you had the 2x4 wire on the sides.For the top it is fine.Remember when placing their roost that you place low enough them nothing can grab them from above.The netting I used was the stuff they use on golf course driving ranges.a guy in town here use to install them,but has since stopped.He may have some pieces still around.I forget the burst strenght,but was very good netting in my opinion.It is nothing like the poultry netting sold in feed stores.I know his netting came in 56'widex 500'long rolls.So if he has any pieces they will be good size,plus it does strech a little bit.
In N.H.,Tony.
Hi Tony
The pheasant pen is all 2x4 welded wire which I've reinforced with 1" cage wire. I guess I'll go ahead and cover the top with the 1" as well, then put the netting on the underside. That would give a cushion before a bird hits the ceiling, 'cause that will probably happen at some point. It's probably more security than needed, but I'd rather it be overdone than banging my head about it later. Getting a quality net is important, so I thought I'd ask around. Hmmmm.... maybe I'll stop by a driving range and see what they have. I only need 16'x16' so maybe I can pick some up. Thanks so much for the suggestion. I appreciate everyone's help.

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