Need advice on what to do with "runt"


6 Years
Apr 30, 2013
I hatched 7 chicks on Sat/Sun, which are doing great. On Sunday night, the last egg started to crack and took over 24 hours to hatch. She even had a little trouble, so I had help her along a little bit (long story). She is quite an awkward little runt, but seems to be doing fine. Except for one of her eyes won't open and parts of her feathers are plastered down to her body. I have her separated since she is so far behind the others.
Two questions: What is the best way to "clean her up" and get ride of the hardened stuff on her body? Also - How do I go about putting her with the rest of the chicks? I think they are going to pick on her.
I would appreciate any advice. I am a teacher, and this is the third time I've hatched eggs, but have never had this situation before.
Thank you!


10 Years
May 10, 2010
If their fluff is stuck down, I use a very soft toothbrush and kind of brush her out. That seems to help the stuck fluff feather out a bit more. If you want, you can carefully wet her down with warm water- keep her face out of it, just to be safe.

After I fluff them out, I put them with the others. They peck a bit at first, but I've never had serious harm done. Remember they're flock animals- they do so much better with others.

Good luck!

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