Need Advice-Orpington Fox Attack 2 Weeks Ago


5 Years
Feb 22, 2014
Lake Wylie, SC
Hi All,
We had a fox attack two weeks ago last Monday. It got one of our 3 year old orpingtons and the other came back wounded. I followed the wound treatment protocols on this website. The wounds weren't nearly as bad as some of the photos on this site but she did have a few puncture wounds and skin torn on her back. It is healing nicely and does not appear to be infected or smell. However, she is still quite bruised. My question revolves around her appetite. As to be expected, she wasn't much interested in eating immediately following the attack. However, she was drinking of her own accord and I gave her electrolytes. Several days later, I was able to get her to eat an egg yolk and yogurt mash. I have been able to get her to eat the occasional grape but have had to give her the egg yolk/yogurt through an eye dropper lately. I have given her nutridrench and vitamin B12 through an eye dropper as well. I took her outside near her flock mates yesterday. She tried to fake acting normal and actually ate a little medicated chick feed and some scratch. I can tell she is still quite sore. Her comb is bright red. Her eyes are bright. Her poo is watery and green (which given her condition is probably pretty normal.) I ordered Pro-Pen-G injectible penicillin. I haven't administered it because she appears to be on the mend. So, my questions are, what are the signs of infection in a chicken? Her wounds do not appear to be infected. They are not red around them. That said, if her body is fighting something what would the symptoms be? Should I adminster the penicillin this late in the healing process and if so, at what dosage? OR should I leave well enough alone and let her come around to the food on her own. I suspect it will be several weeks more before those wounds are healed anyway.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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