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    Hi all, I am currently on day 18 of my incubation and very excited but I'm just wondering (I'm very new at this) all the research I've done has told me to take the eggs out of the cradle rocker that they are currently in and rocks them every two hours and take them out now and put them just in the bottom of the incubator and leave them alone and put them on lock down but my farmer friend who I've borrowed the incubator off of has told me to leave them where they are in the rockers and she is hatched many healthy chicks this way but I'm just in a bit of a conundrum as what to do as on the research has told me to take them out of the rock and put them at the bottom of the incubator I'm just wondering what would people's best advice be and help me with my dilemma as what to do. All advice would be very much appreciated many thanks in advance pea3pod
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    pea3pod -

    You take them out of the cradle and stop candling them because by day 18 they are supposed to start rearranging themselves into a 'hatch position' and moving them can cause them to shift in the egg and make hatching more difficult. Once they start hatching you are NOT supposed to help them hatch at all. If you help them you will very likely make them bleed to death because their blood vessels are still attached to the membrane when they pip. Helping is for absolute emergencies. They normally start to hatch at day 21 but don't panic if they don't. They can start hatching from day 18 clear to up until day 26. (Past 26 and the chick is most likely stuck or dead.)

    - Toshiko24 ^_^
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    I would (and do) personally remove them from the cradle.
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    I absolutely would and do remove them from the turner and either lay them down or hatch upright in cut down cartons, if that your preference. Also, just because the subject was brought up...I am a hands on hatcher, and I do assist, (with great success) when it needs to be done, so if you decide you are in the hands on group rather than the hands off group, you just come visit us on the hands on help thread and we'll help if you need it! [​IMG]

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