Need advice re. a gander with a cold

Cottage Rose

12 Years
Jun 24, 2008
Mid west Michigan
I noticed one of my ganders was wheezing when I herded him on for the night a couple days ago.
The next day I could definitely hear some congestion in his breathing.
He doesn't have any mucous in his eyes or nostrils.
He's eating and drinking and acting normal.
He's on pasture all day long and has fresh water daily and some feed at night.
(Purina layer pellets and whole oats)
I've never had any issues with my geese getting any sickness and have no idea how to treat them.
I picked up some Vet Rx at the feed mill and I've been dosing him with that and giving him probiotics/vitamins in his water.
I really don't want to stress him any further by moving him to a building away from the other geese becasue geese are so social and attached to each other but wondering about my other geese catching what he might have.
I didn't even know geese got colds.
He's kind of neurotic.
He's almost obsessed with digging up dirt and putting it in his water, to excess.
I'm hoping maybe he just inhaled some dirt into his lung and its not some contagious thing.
Any advice appreciated.
Hey, Vicky...haven't heard from you in awhile. Sorry to hear you have a gander issue. Sigh...

With chickens, there is really no such thing as a "cold" - only respiratory infections, but I know nothing about geese. Hopefully, someone else will come along that's had experience with this.

GOOD LUCK with your boy! He sounds funny!

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