Need advice: transitioning to coop


12 Years
Jan 17, 2008
How do you do this? They've lived in my kitchen so far and we're planning to move them out into their coop/run in a couple weeks when they are 9 weeks old.

My main concern is that we are going to be out of town for 4 days at the beginning of May. Dh is working as quickly as possible to finish the chicken coop within the next two weeks (he's out of town this weekend, so that leaves a couple of week-nights and the following weekend to work on it.) If he gets the coop finished on time, that will give the chickens 1 1/2 weeks to adjust to the coop before we leave. They will be 10 weeks old by then; average temps will be low 50's at night to low 70's during the day. We can have a neighbor come over and check on them for food and water and let them out into their run.

Any advice?

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