Need girls introduced

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6 Years
Sep 10, 2013
South Central Wisconsin
I just introduced 2 new girls (6 month old australorp and SLW). I have 6 girls that are 11 months old. They have spent 2 full days with each other. The first night I had to put both new girls in the coop because they didn't know what to do. Tonight the Aussie went in with the rest of the flock with no issues, but the SLW paced in the run and wouldn't go in. So I had to physically put her there again. She got up on the top roost with the rest without me doing it.

The SLW has been picked on and chased pretty hard. There has not been big fights nor any blood. She seems very frightened and is afraid to be around the rest of the flock....avoiding contact as much as possible. She did get a chance to eat when the others were out in the yard. Surprising to me, my EE who has always been lowest in pecking order has been the worst at picking on her. I feel do bad for her.

Is this normal behavior and if so, how long does it take for a girl like this to work itself out? I really want it to work out but not sure what to do. Would love to hear any advise you have for me. I really want her to thrive in our flock.

Yes, this is normal. There is no set time as to when the pecking order will get sorted out. Some people will separate the one that's the most aggressive for a few days and then return her to the flock. Do some searching - there are lots of threads discussing this. I have never done that. I let them work it out themselves since I have no understanding of chicken politics.
Thanks for the advise. I guess my biggest worry is that she won't eat and drink like she should. I will try to keep an eye on her. Currently, I have 2 food containers outside with 1 water bucket and then have 1 water inside the coop (no food). Since she likes to retreat to the coop for safety, should I put food in there for her or will this cause her to stay in there and not work out the pecking order? I don't want to baby her too long and put her in a pattern that she won't ever come out of the coop. But, I also want to make her transition a bit easier too.

When it is nice out and also on the weekends, I put them out in a fenced in area in my yard so they can "free range". This does give her some space. But, during the day when I am at work, they need to be in the secured coop/run area. Had an eagle in our yard today - first time in 10 years of living there.


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