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    To try to make a long story short here it is. I purchased chickens from a farm whom I knew nothing about. Mistake one. Immediately they showed signs of rattled breathing and sneezing. As time went by 4 meet their doom from a fox. One survived and continued to rattle and sneeze for about 7 months with no other issues. Besides that she seems perfectly happy so I didn't call a vet. Mistake number 2. I decided to keep her with my rabbits and not get any other chickens just in case. For months now she hasn't shown any signs. Ok here it is. I ended up getting more chickens from someone who was desperate to give them away. Mistake number three. When her chickens were introduced to mine they immediately started bullying her. Within less then 2 hours she now has all her old symptoms back!! I immediately moved her away from the new chickens. Sprayed the coop with bleach and cleaned the dishes. Is it too late for the new flock?? Can anyone give me any suggestions on what to do? I thought since she's been happy it wasn't a big deal but since it came back I'm very worried!
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    Separating her was a wise decision.
    There are several respiratory illnesses that can cause rattled breathing. Most illnesses can go into "remission" but the affected bird is usually a carrier for life. The illness can be shed in the dust, dander and feathers of the chicken. When stressed, the illness can become symptomatic again as you have found.
    As far as exposure, to what she has time will tell.
    When adding new chickens to your flock/property as a general rule it is best to have a quarantine period so you can observe them to see if they are bringing any illness, lice/mites or worms.
    It may be hard to introduce your lone chicken to several members that have been together for a while. If you want to try integrating again, you may want to look up articles/threads about flock integration and use a "see-but-don't-touch"method, this may help reduced stress for all concerned.

    Here is a list of common poultry diseases:
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