Need all info on this as I can get!!! Please help!!

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    Ok, so this is my fourth try on incubating eggs for school. You can read up on all the previous drama if you go to my profile, its the emergency thread and has all the info. But the basics are that my teacher has us incubate eggs and none of them have really worked out well. We even bought eggs off of a website that guarenteed hatching, and all but three were infertile. Also, my teacher doesnt really know how to do this. So, I need all the info you can throw at me so I can do it right this time and hopefully get some little fuzzy butts!!! Thanks soooooo much!!
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    So... here's the main information page from BYC home page.

    is a bunch of homemade incubators.... . Clicking on any of them will give you a great deal of the information you require.

    And here is the section of the forums with lots of questions (and answers) about many different aspects of hatching eggs.

    also found if you google, hatching chicken eggs, there's lots of good info on the web. Just keep reading.

    Good luck!!
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    Get eggs local (I have given away eggs for hatching projects). Placing an add on craigslist or similar will probably get you some. Have a good incubator with the least amount of temp. fluctuations as possible (this means keeping incubator in a place where there isn't a lot of temp. fluctuations as well). Forced air is better, electronic thermostat if you can afford it. Temps for still air is 100.5, forced air is 99.5. Humidity about 40-50%. Turn a few times a day if you don't have a turner. Make sure your incubator has good ventilation. Wait 21 days and look at the new fuzzy butts! [​IMG]

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