Need an aggressive rooster


10 Years
Jul 17, 2009
I have a few hawks that try getting at my free range chickens. For 18 months I have had a fairly aggressive RIR rooster that has keep them at bay. I even witnessed a hawk swoop down and pin a hen and before he kill her the rooster ran over and fought him off. The hen was fine. Now the rooster opassed away in the snow and I need another one. My old rooster has VERY protective of the girls but did not bother us. I am looking for a protective breed of rooster that won't try to kill us everythime we feed them. Any suggestions on breed and where to get one? Thanks
craigslist your area.
Well, thats a shame. i had a rooster I tried to re-home for over a month, and no one could take him cause he was so blasted mean. Finally culled him last weekend.

Good luck
I have the meanest, bravest, most aggressive White Leghorn Rooster in the history of chickens! This guy is a fantastic flock protector. He doesn't miss a thing in the sky! Believe me, he would absolutely take one for the team while the rest of my flock(other roosters included) took cover.
Not very big, but wiry and mean!
We keep him because he knows NO fear!
Maybe some type of gamefowl roo would work out? I know there are a bunch of people on here that just adore their game fowl roos. I guess as long as he'd be the only one it would work out. Just a thought

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