Need an idea (chicken related!) Science Fair Project!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Attack Chicken, Jan 6, 2010.

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    For school I need to do a science fair project. Since I have chickens and love them and would like to get the word about chickens out I want to do my project on something chicken related. Egg,chicks, or full grown chickens. But it has to be safe and humane for the chicks and chickens.

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    When we got our day old chicks, we had different colored water dispensers. I know the manufacturers made them in a rainbow of colors for human eye appeal, but I wasn't drinking from them.
    Maybe you can figure out a way to see if chicks have a color preference. I do not know how much color they can see, or if it is a value that they perceive. If they had a color that they preferred, then maybe they'd eat more? Blue coat. red brooder lights, purple water dispensers, green feeders...there is a science project there somewhere.

    Good luck finding a project... and have fun.
    Science is so cool!
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    You could look into clicker training a chicken. This would have a psychology slant.
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    I am doing this right now but I think you should see what color feed chickens like the best. I hope this helped![​IMG]

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