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May 24, 2010
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One of my eggs in my incubator was starting to hatch yesterday at about 7 PM, there has been a little bit of progress, but not much, and it has been over 12 hours. Is it normal for it to take so long to hatch? (My last two chicks hatched in a couple of hours.)
Yes that can be normal. It can take over 24 hours too. I just hatched out some last week. The first one pipped at midnight. Second one at about 6 am. They didn't hatch until that afternoon. Be patient and keep the lid closed! LOL. It is so hard to wait I know.
There is a fine line between being over reactionary and being patient, I have had the same thing happen on my last 2 hatches, but on those I intervened only to find out either their yolk sac was not fully absorbed or they had just pipped a little too early and lost a total of 10 chicks

Now I think it is best just to leave them to zip and come out on their own and if they don't they obviously were not strong enough anyway.

Have the patience of a saint and I am sure your patience will be rewarded with new fuzzy butts !

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Dr Rob.
I have some in my incubator that has been pipped for almost 24 hours but I will leave them alone. They will probably hatch sometime today. Just keep that lid closed and find something to occupy your time.
12 hours is usually the average from the first pip. The chick knows it needs to rest and let the blood veins dry up or it will bleed to death. The re-energize during that time frame and then zip out. I agree that if they don't make it under normal circumstances.. they usually shouldn't

I had one who hadn't done anything and before tossing the eggs I open them to see what is wrong. It was alive but (sorry graphic here) it's scull was open and it's brains were on the side. I wish that was an egg I hadn't opened to see. Hard to forget.

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