Need assist in identification of this breed please :-D

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    Posted in an older thread, was suggested I make a new thread to ask the questions.

    'Hi all, new to the forums at to ownership of a chicken, (soon to be a hen I believe). [was confirmed she's a she in last post]

    Was given a chicken as a rescue in the big city. She's been with me for over 2 months now.

    I need a little help figuring out what breed she is and if she is a she. Pretty sure a pullet, not experienced with chickens, so I just spoil her rotten.

    She's tall I think for a chicken and grew fast in 2 months. She's about 8 inches long from back of the neck to her tail.

    Any ideas?'

    Photo's as of 9-5-2016



    A month or so ago,







    She does seem to be a super happy chicken, she dances when I play music and since I work from home, she keeps to me and expects me to clean up her messes, [she looks at me when she goes potty like, aren't you getting up to clean this?]

    Spoiled chick chick
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    I think she's a Dixie Rainbow or Freedom Pioneer, one of the mixed breed slow meat birds that's become so popular the last few years.

    Don't be freaked out by the meat bird referance, though. She's not the Cornish Cross that pretty much self-terminate. Several folks have held these hens over for a few years and they've done quite well. They can get pretty darn big, but their legs hold up well and they can be decent layers.
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    Mixed breed
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    mixed breed

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