Need beta-testers for free Classifieds website...

10 Years
Jun 6, 2009
I am a hobby breeder of rhode island red chickens, bobwhite quail and I am also a website designer. I am looking for some willing participants to add there hatchery info and try out my new free classifieds site

We accept breeders of anything from guineas and chickens, to waterfowl and upland gamebirds. I would appreciate any input or comments.

Jon Lee - Webmaster
When you click add hatchery and purchase membership it displays entry form again, if you hit it a second time it tells you email address already taken.

Should make it clear that form has been received as it confused me a lot.

Should it not proceed to a payment screen after that anyway?

When use search tool, the top of CITY page results says "Dog Breeder"
Should be "Bird Breeder", or did I miss something?

Format seems good, just need to make sure content is good, appropriate and correct.

I'll check it tomorrow, if you don't have those fixed I'll assume your another "hack" as I build websites and host sites for others and it doesn't take long to correct those simple issues.

Hint: Make sure you set up your SSL certificate with a good provider. As shared SSL is a headache.
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Thanks for taking a look. I am getting some good feedback. Looking at the best poultry and gamebird magazines to advertise in. Getting some links to the site is helping a lot.

I looked and thought about joining but as a newbie I am still getting new breeds and deciding what I want to to. So placing a hatchery listing sounded good but then I would not be able to change it or add to it. I could advertise locally with lots of exposure rather then spend the money with your site.....
First of all it is totally free to list your hatchery. Second, you can change the breeds raised at any point in time by logging into your breeder account.

Agree that the local classifieds are the best way to find local buyers. But, I am hoping my site will be second best place to advertise chicks for sale and such.

Hope you'll give it a try.

Jon Lee - Webmaster

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