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    I LOVE BYC. But I have WAY too many questions about what breeds look like, how to identify them, etc. How to tell a roo from a hen when they are younger. I don't understand the difference between things like splashes and spangles, muffs, puffs, and what it is about rooster feathers that are different from hens. I can't identify much in the comb category, either, although I THINK I get what a pea comb is. . . .but whats a rose? And what about the ones that look like a hen from the Red Hat society? PLEASE recommend good books, the best websites. I have looked on some, but lots have sketches rather than photos. I was really dumbfounded the other day on here when I saw a picture of a wildly colored roo and discovered Art is Life. I wanna learn stuff!!!!!
    Thanks for your help.
    p.s. I am NOT good at navigating interiorly in websites. Like I can't find my way to old posts on here very well, so be merciful.
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    It takes time.. Youll get the hang of it...
    Dont for get about the Hennys there a breed that the roosters look like the hens... [​IMG]
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    Feathersite is a good site. Also Hendersons chicken chart has some good information. The standard of perfection has a lot of good information if you can get a hold of one. Another source that I have found very helpful is the books pocketful of poultry and storeys illustrated guide to poultry breeds. They are both by the same author and have basic information on many breeds. Plus pictures. They can usually be found on amozon for not very much.
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    The American Poultry Association, and the American Bantam Assoc. both offer books with a great deal of info. The APA publication is the Standard of Perfection, and the ABA book is the Standard. Both organizations establish the standards for their respective groups.

    Well worth the money if you intend to stay in the hobby.

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    Quote:Happy 2000!!

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    It will cost you some $$$, but if you want photos of various feather patterns to identify the differences between spangling and mottling and penciling and lacing and .... Genetics of Chicken Colours is a very good purchase.
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    I'm a big reader of books so I found "Story's Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds" for about $25 or I got mine for $14 as overstock online. It shows comb types, feather types, egg colors and covers a very good range of chickens, turkeys and a few other fowl.

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