Need Broody help!


12 Years
Jan 17, 2010
Wittmann, AZ
We have a "mama" duck that went broody about 2 weeks ago. We didn't even know she was laying eggs, cuz she usually won't lay without egg maker mash and we had stopped giving it her when our drake was killed. She had stopped laying too. He's been dead for about 2 months now. Well at some point she started laying again, cuz she had a stash of 18 eggs.

Well I felt bad for her so I gave her some of my fertile chicken eggs out of my bator that were due to hatch last Saturday. Well none of them hatched! Last night I go out there and some of them are pushed out of the nest, some are stinking pretty good, and there are ANTS everywhere! The ants were even all over her! So I decided this morning when she got off the nest to eat, to remove the eggs.

She ran around for like half an hour just going nuts! She was quacking & biting the other ducks!. So I'm standing in my kitchen and here she comes up the path telling me ALL about it. So I talked to her and we went to "see" what was wrong with her nest. I put two of the eggs back when we went to investigate together. She's content once again, BUT the eggs are not fertile, and they stink! What do I do??

Oh yeah for some reason not one of the 10 chicken eggs hatched they all died at some point fully formed. I figure it was because of the temp & humidity change.

When can I remove the last two eggs? Or should I try giving her some babies from the feed store? I don't know but what if I give her more fertile chicken eggs? We recently acquired a drake but he has no interest in her. Plus he's a rouen & she's a runner.
I'm new to ducks myself but I have 2 ideas.

First, if you think she will sit until her eggs hatch - find her some duck eggs to sit on. Second, Take her nest and all away from her. When I have a bird try to set and I don't want her to - I take her nest and all away from her. She may get mad again and you may have to keep her away from the other ducks but I think it will pass. Oh and a third - take her stinky eggs and put golf balls or fake eggs under her. Atleast she won't stink and have ants all over her.

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