Need Cheap, EASY Coop Ideas Quick Please!


8 Years
May 12, 2011
Please forgive me if this has been asked. When I search I get a TON of threads to browse through, and I need some fairly quick answers.

I'm getting a pretty expensive trio of Seramas in on Wednesday. I didn't really plan to purchase quite that quickly, but time is running out to ship, so had to act quickly.

I have 2 pens that I used for fennec foxes, and once we put the hardware cloth along the bottom 3' it will be suitable for the Seramas. However, I don't have any kind of coop in there and need something for them to get in out of the rain, etc until we can build a decent coop for them.

Any suggestions for a cheap, easy coop that will do them for a little while, say, a month or so???
We did a PVC pipe coop and I am just putting a tarp over part of it. Its 10X10 and 22 inches high with hardware cloth coving it. Sorry I dont have pictures, this is just our coop for now to buy me more time on the actual one, DH thinks we're done though!
Thanks for posting. I DID have a big dog house we could have used. My DD thought some lady needed it more than we did and gave it away. UGHHHH!!! So now I gotta figure something out to tide them over. I have a couple wire crates that I could put tarps over, but worry about them getting their feet in the bars.

I suppose if nothing else I can run out and buy a larger plastic dog carrier, but I'd rather not spend the additional money when i could just spend it on supplies for the regular coop.
you could make a small coop oout of a few pallets, you can usually find them for free on the side of the road or in the news paper.
You could also check craigslist for free dog houses or rabbit hutches, or if you're a member of freecycle you could probly find anything there.
I used to be a member of freecycle. Great idea, I'll sign back up. I really could kill my daughter for giving away that dog house! It was BIG and only cost like $40 from Big Lotts!

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