Need close up pics of your run door

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so I can figure out how to build mine. I have 4 x 4 posts set in concrete with 3 ft. in between posts. I put a 2 x 6 plate behind the posts so that the door can't be pushed in by predators. So now what do I do?!
I plan on making a 6 ft. door, need to have it solid on the bottom and am thinking of using a piece of 3 x 3 lexan on the top.

Do I just make it to fit right inside the posts or do I need to make it smaller to accommodate the hinges?

So far the rest of the run is looking snappy. DH won't help me, says this is my project. I'll show him!!! . . . if you'll help me please
Any chance you could post a picture(s)? I can't visualize what you have, and our door was salvaged from some kind of picture frame or window, so we just kind of made it fit.
Depends on how you mount the hinges, but if you use the simple hinge install I would build the door to fit inside your posts. Leave 1/8 to 1/4 inch space on either side of the door, use wedges (or coins) to wedge the door inside the posts where you want it, then install hinges. After they are installed , knock out the wedges...
We used an old (very old) heavy door and cut out the panels then stapled hardware cloth to the panels. I had hinges ( the kind that snaps shut) and handle from a different project. I have a hook and eye to lock from the outside. The hook also fits into the eye on the outside of the building when I want to keep the door open while the chickies are out and about can see the door ( next to the two green chairs) on my page.
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This is one of our run doors. It is made from 2x4's and a piece of left over 0sb. Yes OSB not the best stuff but when painted with 4 or 5 coats holds up ok. The top has hardware cloth on it. The angled pieces are simply 2x4's cut at a 45 on my miter saw. It is now painted white and holding up well. Be sure to leave enough room around the door for swelling of the wood in humid times. Mine sticks a bit at the top.

or just make the door a few inches bigger then the opening so you wont have to be as precise with measurements. then the door will close onto the 4x4 post instead of fitting in between them.
citychickx6Thanks, this is what I'm looking for! I wasn't sure whether to lay the 2 x 4's on the flat like in your picture, or on the side.

, Totally makes sense. Thanks!

Thanks to everyone! I appreciate your taking the time to help.
mine went inside the frame and flush at the front (see my BYC page for pics) i used a spring door closer to default it shut but can easily prop it open to give the chooks free range. i think i took 1cm (width & height) off the size of the whole where the door was to be fitted to allow for the hinges and swelling / distortion of wood.

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