Need dosing help, Tylan 50 for Pekin with bumblefoot..??

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    May 18, 2010
    I have a 1 year old pekin with bumblefoot. She is free range, she first came down with bumblefoot several weeks ago. I treated it then by opening, cleaning and wrapping it and putting duramycin in her water for a couple of weeks. She seemed better, but all of a sudden it is much worse than before. Her leg is hot to the touch, her foot is pretty swollen again and she is limping pretty bad. I am cleaning and wrapping the foot again but I wanted a stronger antibiotic this time so I got injectable Tylan 50. How much should I give her and how many times per day?? And where should I inject it?? Thanks in advance!!
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    I think Tylan is more for respiratory issues. I personally would use Spectamycin/Lincomycin 50, or penicillin, but I like the first one better. You also have to be soaking that foot in epsom salts once or twice a day. I usually put a gauze soaked in epsom salt mixture, put the wet gauze on the foot, wrap with plastic, and tape over it. It might fall off during the day, that's okay. Then I wash it with soap and water at night, and do the same thing. I'm sure others have different methods, but this is mine. Ruth, for one has a good method. But it seems that yours is infected, and needs antibiotics as well.
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    i have two hens that i have been trying everything for their bumblefoot- will try this method- they have it on both feet....

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