Need Duck Breed Advice


11 Years
Jul 6, 2008
Central Oregon
I have 1 one day old blue swedish from a very unsuccessful incubated hatch. I am thinking of getting it a friend or two. I have found pekins, khaki campbells and mallards for sale all 1 to 2 days old. What would be a good companion for my blue swedish? I would prefer a non flyer good egg layer so I was thinking the mallards were a no. The khakis sound like they stay small so I thought the pekins might be the best match. Any advice would be appreciated. I also have silver appleyards due to hatch in 2 weeks. Should I just wait for them as companions?


11 Years
May 14, 2008
NE Wisconsin
A Khaki would be a good companion for a Blue Swedish. A Mallard would be fine as well, but they don't lay nearly as many eggs and you have to clip their wings. But, the only reason I have Mallards is because they go broody and will hatch out more babies for you every spring. So that's something for you to consider.

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