Need duck hatching help....quick!!!


8 Years
Mar 15, 2011
Dryden, MI
This is not my first time hatching incubated ducks but it's my first time with a problem.

They are on day 30 today, they pipped early morning yesterday and last night some time. They made no progress. I helped by peeling the shell back just a little so they could push their bill out and progress. It worked but they are very dry. The humidity is at 90% too. I put wet towels in there and placed them next to them so it could moisten them up. It's working and they are making progress BUT it looks like maybe they didnt develop all the way. They have a big ball out of them where the umbilical cord is. Will this go back in by itself? One looks like it's shrinking back in the other two not. They still have the cord attached to the membrane/shell and they are starting to move around. Is there help for them? I have never experienced this before. I have helped chicks hatch and one duck but never saw anything like this!

Sounds like they weren't quite ready to hatch. Sometimes the hatching process take a few days. If you leave them in the incubator, and turn the lights down low in the room they are in, they will rest in there and absorb the rest of that yolk sac that is sticking out where the bellybutton is you mentioned.
Thanks....I never try to help chicks or ducks but the ones that were pipped with a large hole were really chirping and sounded frantic one did die that is why I decided to help. when I looked closely at them they were very dry so I just peeled back around the hole and they started to push out. I will just leave them alone and hopefully it absorbs. Other than that they seem just fine.


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