Need feed with probiotics, now pooping brown


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Mar 3, 2018
I was feeding my chicks 24 protein starter for a week. Then I learned 24 will grow them too quickly for being egg layers and to feed them 18 to 20 instead.
So at the 1 week mark they were 2 weeks old, I started a lower starter feed. This one has probiotics unlike the other feed.
It has been 4 days since the switch. One or more of my chicks is now pooping brown poop, I read the C poo is normal. Forgetting name, sorry.
But they were not doing this on the old food, they are indoor only and this is new. Holy wow it stinks. Which o read is also normal but I read this C poop is from birds eating woodsy foods.
Mine are only on chick starter.
What is happening here!? Anyone care to educate me a bit? Appreciate it. Thank you
The probiotics might be what is making it smell more than the old stuff. Did you do a gradual switch? Not just one day having on food and another the next?
Is the feed itself a different color?
Cecal poops happen regardless of feed.
As long as they are eating-drinking-pooping and active don't worry too much about poop color.
There's very wide range of 'normal' poops.
If you see something that concerns you, take pic of it with a coin in the pic for scale.

Good visual references for all kinds of poops,
just don't jump to any terrible conclusions too quickly:

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