Need feedback How to start free ranging my Runners with geese ????

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mominoz, May 20, 2010.

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    I've had my Runners for a year now. They were raised "next to" our tufted Buff Geese. They have a 'Night Aviary' with the geese next to them separated by chicken wire. With day runs for each breed separate. I fenced with field fence (hog fence) a acre around our yard. I have been letting the geese (4) out to graze in the yard for 2 months now. I'd like to let the Runners out too, but am concerned about interactions.1) I thought about alternating days out at first? ) Or just let them out for a few hours before dusk, when I put them away at night? And keeping a close watch. The fence is four foot. Nobodys wings are clipped. (Years ago I had geese in the same set up with no problems). All birds have their own gate back into their yards.Then I wonder if I should close the gates to the runs after they are out, because the geese or ducks might get into the wrong runs and get cornered until it is time to go " to bed".
    Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.
    Oh, and one goose is setting duck eggs int he aviary and she goes out 2X a day to graze- and I think the females (2) take turns setting. So the gandars (2) are a bit hissy. So this may play in.

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