need gender help with one, THEN breed help with another!


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Nov 4, 2008

OHAI, my name is MEEP!, I'm a little OEG bantam mix chick, and I'm 3 weeks old today!, -I- know what I am, but the people don't!

what gender am I???


I'm as sweet as can be!, my momma and I live in a rabbit hutch that is 4 feet off the ground, I've recently learned how to get DOWN, but I still can't get back UP, so every evening when momma flies up into our hutch, I wait at the bottom for the dood to come help me up!

this girl, well these girls, theres two sisters we got at auction earlier this spring, we got them as babies, they were sold as Wyandotte mixes, but I saw a pic of a white rock the other day, and thats what they look like, but I'm not sure,

one lays a cream colored eggs with darker specks, like someone stippled the egg all over, the other lays a really pretty dark brown egg.

I guess they are sisters, we bought them, and their brother, and a little red chick who's also a pullet.

No clue on the gender.
Do you know about how much the girls weigh?
I'm thinking they could be white rocks(most likey, due to the leg color) or white orpingtons.
Due to the comb type, I dont see wyndottes in them.
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I have no idea how much they wiegh, they're kinda hands off, not like everyone else, they're both fairly big, but not HUGE like the meat birds were, I had guessed they wern't wyandottes, they've got the same body shape of my barred pullet, but at the same time, they kinda stand like our buff...

4 toes, if that helps
are white rocks like barred rocks, only...white?? if so I love them more now LOL, cause I loves me some barred rocks!

anyone have any idears what the chick is, gender wise?, I am thinking pullet, but I have no clue, if it's rooster we can't keep it, because MIL has said no more roosters.

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