Need Hatching advice for swan eggs


Oct 18, 2015
We are having a heck of a time trying to get Cygnets. We’ve had our swans for 4 years and this year, they finally probably have fertile eggs. 2 years in a row the nest has been raided. However, this year was horrible as our male who was protecting the nest was brutally slaughtered by something. It was horrible. We have acquired another male for our widowed female so all is well for now.

I ended up with 3 swan eggs that weren’t eaten. . All layed at different times before the slaughter. The first egg that was laid along with a couple others manage to survive a raid but it was laying in shallow water. The second egg that was laid was about a week later and it is currently under one of my bigger broody hens. The third egg was one I rescued after the slaughter but it had a small chip in it which I melted candle wax over and it is also under another broody hen. All eggs seem perfectly fine. No smells, they all look very viable with no rot.

None of these eggs had been incubated with the exception of the 3rd one that sustained the small chip during the killing.

So, one is in an incubator. It was the first egg we found in shallow water that had not been incubated yet by the female. We are on day 34 so getting close.

The problem is that the humidity has been all over the map! Which is crazy because it’s a Brinsea and I’ve never had this big of problem hatching and keeping a relatively steady humidity. It is so hard to maintain a steady humidity. It’s been as low as 41 to as high as 70!!! Impossible to regulate during overnight hours. I’m trying to keep it a steady 60% as I have heard swan eggs need to be a bit higher.
Does anyone think this egg stands a chance of hatching? Like I said, it seems perfectly fine however it does seem to be a lot More Blue in color than the ones under the hens.
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Jan 7, 2020
You can.leave the eggs for the female to hatch but you have to wait for at least 35 days to find out especially egg has been in the water Ido not know how long if I were you I would to put the egg in the incubator after ten days you can find out by checking the egg for embryo development instead of 35 days or longer. But I Think how to protect the bird in the future is the most important thing otherwise the tragedy will happen again.
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