NEED HELP!!! 2 Chicks - 1 bigger and has better looking feathers...

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    May 5, 2008
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    I have 2 approx. 6 week old red sex link chicks. My husband bought them at a feed store in town and brought them home as a surprise. One of them (Maude) has always been a little bit ahead of the other as far as development. I just figured that maybe they hatched a day or so apart and were combined at the feed store for selling purposes (they had a lot of chicks). The smaller one (May) is not as long or wide and her feathers just always look disheveled if that makes sense. They are not smooth and sheen looking like Maude's feathers. They also have a slight dry look to them. She is behind in getting her feathers in as well. Is she is missing something in her diet? Is she just not preening her feathers out or what? She seems to act just fine but I just want make sure she is okay... Any info is appreciated!!!
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    Hi mamabear104,
    When I got my chics 10 weeks ago there were a few that where alot smaller (runts).
    They are still a little smaller than the others, but the difference is not as much.

    What I'm trying to say is don't worry as long as they look and act healthy.

    Good luck,

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