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I am currently hatching 25 turkey eggs in my incubator... We are on day 12. My hen had been sitting on her eggs for the last couple weeks, all of a sudden two days ago she got off the nest and refused to return.... In mist of hoping to save the 3 eggs, I put them in my incubator (figuring since she'd been off them a day, they wouldn't survive) WELP got home today from work and I have one biddy!! Up and walking! I know I'm suppose to leave him in the incubator a couple days after hatching but with my turkey eggs I can't since they are on a automatic egg turner.... I took him out, have put him in a small basket, under a heat light on one side and put 4 towels in there with him.. What else do I need to do? Food water?? I sooo wasn't expecting this.... pics to follow... Also edited to add. I have a hen with one week old chicks right now.. Do you think she'd mother this one or is it worth the try? I dont wanna lose this little one :)
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well done you !
chicks dont need food or water for the first few days tbh but i would put both in withit anyway
you may also want to put a soft toy for it to snuggle up to like a surrogate mum
Hope this helps
do you think I've got it set up okay??? he's still wet.. ahhh Im stressing lol
Sounds ok
when i had a situation similar i put mine in a storage box (plastic ) with heat lamp at one end but I covered the full base with old sheets not just one end to try and hold the heat and dry the little fellas out
a pic would help if possible
Couple hrs in and still okay! Gave him some sugar water and put some feed in the bin just in case... Not much but enough just in case... :)

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