Need help ASAP

Here are photos maybe a turtle got it in the pond


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Agreed the foot definitely looks dead. He can survive perfectly fine with one foot, but you need to get him to an avian vet or farm vet. This isn't something you can do at home.

If it's not amputated or at least debrided it could lead to a larger infection or sepsis. Hope your little guy gets better soon!
I am freaking out. I have him inside the bathtub to try and help save the guy but idk what my next step is
Is he eating? The lower leg will likely auto amputate. Keep him fluidized, fed. I have seen 1 legged ducks and there is a shop on Etsy that fabricates poultry prosthetics/ support boots. I would say keep topical neosporin on the wound and if he looks sick maybe broad spectrum antibiotic like Fishmox. Daily baths will help it detach cleanly. ( im positive others have highly valuable input, i was a vet tech before being an RN but im only a 1 year duck keeper). And of course a trip to the vet will be very helpful if its a possibility.
Poor thing. I hope he gets better. The bone is showing so if a vet isn't an option, maybe wrapping it with clean bandages will help. That may also give him a padding to help him walk better.

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