NEED HELP Blood Under Wing


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I have six ducks. Three Khaki Campbells and three Blue Swedish (one male and two females of each). I just went out to let them forage for a while and what I think is the male Blue Swedish (actually black) had blood under his wing. One of the Khaki's has been aggressive while I had my geese in the same pen but calmed down when I moved them. I tried to isolate him but he was suicidal alone and the others kept trying to get the pen open to let him out. I let him out and he's a lot more comfortable with the others. Probably looks worse than it is (bright red blood on black feathers) but it looks like the feathers that grow in under the wing (long ones) have been pulled out. I don't see any evidence (no feathers around) and can't say the Khaki did it (he may have done it himself). Everyone seems calm now and there are no bird vets anywhere around here. Is there anything I can do? They are all laying together right now and he does not seem to be in any pain. Sorry, I have no picture to show what I am talking about and knowing me I am probably worrying more than is warranted. But, this is my first experience with bird injury and I am at a loss.


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Jan 3, 2010
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Get as good a look as you can - a little time in a lukewarm tub of water will help clean it off, and you may be able to get at it enough to spray some Vetericyn under there, or saline solution. Doing that a couple of times a day for a couple of days might help prevent infection.

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