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    i have 2 does that i have been trying to breed for a few months now but with no sucess

    i have 1 new zealand buck and 2 californian/new zealand mix does

    the does are about 11 month's old now

    when i put the does into the bucks cage she does not lift up her legs to breed
    she will just sit there and not breed
    both does do this

    what can i do ?
  2. Hello, Fowl_Odor002!

    First off, when/ how often have you tried breeding your does?
    In order for the doe to accept the buck, you will need to do a quick check of the doe before even thinking of putting the two together. If you check the doe's vulva, you should see a kind of pinkish red colour. This indicates she is receptive, and more likely to lift for the buck. If you instead see a pale white/pink colour, I wouldn't try breeding her. Most likely she will refuse the buck, as you said they have been doing.

    Secondly, are your does over weight?

    They are of correct age for their age to be bred, so that would be one of the first things I would check. The way to do that, would be to run your hand gently over the rabbits back. If it feels sharp, then the doe is over weight- and if you have to press down to even feel the spine, they will be over weight. I would also check your buck too, just to be sure he isn't the problem.
    Hay is a good thing to feed over weight rabbits, as it isn't the type of thing that would make them gain more weight, yet has all the fiber that they need. It is also good for their teeth :)

    For more information, here is a really good rabbitry website I've found, with plenty of information that will hopefully put you on the right track! Hope it all goes well, tell us how it goes :)
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