Need Help Building a Roost!

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    So basically I got a new place that came with some yard and a free shed and bam! Chickens. :) The chicks are 2 weeks right now and we are almost done converting an 8 X 8 foot shed into a coop. With one major issue...the roosts.

    I've pulled apart pallets to make nestboxes and a ladder for them but I can't wrap my head around a roost. It seems a lot of people are just grabbing a 2x2 or 2x4 and attaching a support to the wall and letting the birds nest on that.

    Ive got heavy chicks (Rocks) to Bantams so I know I need a variety of height. I

    Just...was is the easiest way to make a roost?

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    Most people just make a ladder roost which is the simplest. You nail some 2x4's against the wall about every 4 ft. and then use 2x4's horizontallyabout 18 inches off the ground. Make a levels about 15 inches apart (height and depth), and make sure the top is not too close to the wall (at least 15 inches) so they don't soil the wall Don't make them too tall since jumping from way up can contribute to bumblefoot and other foot/leg problems. Don't be surprised if everyone wants the top row.[​IMG]
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    I used 2x4's to make my roosts. Best of all, they are removable. Mine go across the width of the coop. I took scraps of 2 x 4 and 2 x 2. The 2x4 scraps were 4 inches long. the 2x2's were 5-6 inches long (I just used whatever I had). Pre drill and use screws to attach 2x2 to each end of the 2x4 Will look like []---[]

    Make two for each roost. Screw into wall, making sure they are the same height. Rest a 2 x 4 between the uprights. The uprights keep the roost from moving, yet are removable for cleaning the coop. Takes 10-15 minutes

    oh, and [​IMG]

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