Need Help! Chick took a turn for the worse!


7 Years
Mar 25, 2012
North Texas
I have a young pullet/chick who is gravely ill!! She and another chick (who is doing better now) has been sick the last few days and exhibited signs of cocci (although I never saw bloody poop, but the other signs were there), so I started corid treatment for the whole flock yesterday afternoon. I am having to give it to her using a syringe because she will not eat or drink. This morning I thought she was starting to do better, and then just about an hour ago I checked on her and her face and eyes are all swollen and looks like fluid retention!! She is so lethargic and just laying in a towel under a heat lamp. She appears to be gasping also. Please help! She is my daughters beloved chick and she will be heart broken if she dies!
I have a pic, but it's been so long since I've been on and I can't remember how to post them.
It almost sounds like an allergic reaction to the Corid. Are you using liquid or powder Corid and how are you mixing it? Do you think she is having symptoms of respiratory disease (mycoplasma) rather than coccidiosis? Benadryl is used for allergic reaction to drugs, but dosage would be very small for a young pullet. I would look at everyone else closely for symptoms of respiratory disease, and if that is the case think about switching to an antibiotic instead. Please keep us posted on the pullet's condition..
I'm using the powder at a dosage of 1/4 tsp per quart, which is what I read was the appropriate amount. She didn't have any respiratory symptoms, just sitting around fluffed up and not interested in food or water. Just now is the first event with the fluid retention. If i push on her eye, which is shut, clear liquid comes out.
Oh and there was one other chick who was also puffed up and sleepy, but he is doing fine now. Nobody is sneezing or having any cold symptoms. I just don't know what to do to help her!
Thank you for your help btw! Could this be a secondary infection due to cocci weakening her system? I'm just not experienced enough to know if that is possible or if it could come on so quickly. It was literally withing a few hours that she had the fluid retention. She seems to be breathing heavily and has her mouth open also.
I'm sorry to hear that she died, and also that no one answered your other posts this afternoon. Yes, coccidiosis can cause secondary infections, and other infections will lower the chicken's defenses against coccisiosis.
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