Need help chicken expert got rooster and hen need help



8 Years
Aug 18, 2013
My rooster has swollen feet had it for month since last summer. I did take him to ferret vet but didnt know what to do he didnt know chickens. I been soaking his feet in warm water nothing helping. There's no chicken vets. And I got a old Americana hen who is five I think who has vent gleet very swollen heres a pic of my rooster feet will any human meds safe for them to help any of there swollen what can I do i had chickens for years and never had problems in in till now please chicken expert please fast thank you View attachment 1310128
Can you take him to an avian vet?

I'm sorry but his feet are very swollen. I know you have asked for help numerous times and have not been happy with some suggestions that were made in the past.

Since soaking in plain water is not helping, you can try adding epsom salts to the water to see if that makes a difference. I do feel like he has Gout and sometimes there is not a very good treatment except to try and control the diet better. A nutritionally balanced poultry feed like Flock Raiser or chick starter and limit the amount of scratch/treats that he eats may also help.

For your hen with Vent Gleet - is her crop emptying completely overnight? Vent Gleet treatment is to wash the vent as it gets soiled and apply an anti-fungal cream. Dietary changes are also beneficial. A balanced poultry feed - she can eat the chick starter or flock raiser, limit treats and see that her crop is emptying overnight.

You may want to search for vent gleet remedies, there are plenty of good articles about that and gout.
I meant bumble foot.Having it that long may be what’s going on with his feet,are you sure you got rid of competently what did you do to get rid of it?
I wrote theres no chicken vet my ferret did look at him did nothing cuz he dont know chicken. I was not happy cuz some people werent nice not cuz what help they said whats wrong asking help allot? What is avian vet? I tryied Epsom salt 2. Where I get my.chicken food people told me flock raiser is not good for hens there custermers told them makes there shells soft dont know if its true. Wouldnt u be mad if people r mean to u?
Dont know if her crop is emty at night is that why no buddy helps me on here
That looks to be an either an extreme case of bumble foot or gout as previously suggested. At this stage neither will have a good outcome for the bird. Feeding birds layer feed that aren't laying is very hard on their kidneys and can lead to gout. Oyster shells on the side will supply all the calcium the hens need without harming the roo.

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