Need help choosing a tool... the right saw?

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    Nov 20, 2008
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    I am currently making my ducks a brand new indoor pen using mostly Ikea furniture (Cabinets mostly, with reinforcing of plywood, that they are being tiled, caulked, painted, etc), but between the cabinets, I need to make holes for the ducks to go through to get to other sections of the pen (It pretty much wraps around a whole room, with two levels).

    I'm having a hard time finding something that will cut through particle board that doesn't take forever. I tried a jig saw, and I tried a dremel oscillating saw. but both take forever and barely make a dent. Is their a better saw I can use on a standing piece of wood? Would a reciprocating saw work better? The holes are square, the open ends will be sealed, and they will be framed out with some 1x2 lumber to make sure nothing gets into the particle board.

    I know using Ikea furniture is not the greatest idea, but I spent house designing a real pen to be built with plywood, but after going through 7 different contractors, I could not find anyone who would build it for me without charging a completely ridiculous price (like $5000 just for labor, yeah right!) Unfortunately I live in downtown chicago. I live in a town house that has been long since paid for (family owed it for 30 years) but the neighborhood has become quite nice so all the builders and handy men assume we're made of money (I wish). So we're stuck doing it ourselves.

    Any ideas on what would cut through the board better? We could cut before we put the cabinets together for fear each side wouldn't line up. so we are cutting in place, and sanding down to level. It just takes soooooo long to cut one measly hole... ugh.... and their are like 8 more holes to go....

    Any help would be appriciated
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    A circular saw can be used to cut holes as you describe, although it is a little tricky in getting them started mid board rather than from an edge. You just have to pull the guard back, and push down firmly, and hold on tight. You will overrun the ends of the cuts slightly using a circular saw, but you mention your framing them any way. could also pre-drill holes at the four corners of the opening, with a hole saw.
    Sometimes using a different blade for the jig saw will work better, there are several kinds you can get, and some will work far better than others, depending on the material being cut.

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