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Big Max

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May 9, 2016

I think I have 2 roosters in my flock of Buff Brahmas. I can not have in my subdivision, so I need help confirming. Pretty sure top one is Roo, not sure about bottom one on the right. Coloring on these two is more brilliant than the two in the lower left photo. The suspect roos are much larger. Any help appreciated.

The first picture is a rooster.
In the second picture the bird closest to the bucket is a roo.
You can tell by the hackle feathers, and the feathers at the end of their saddle
Will be finding a new home for these guys, as I can not keep them in my zoning. Any local to Richmond, Va are welcome to one. Will be posting on Craigslist for a good home.
I would love some brahmas I'm in ND though
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