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    I have 21 eggs that were due tomorrow, but one hatched this morning around 8am. about 5-6 others have made a small hole in the shell (pipped?) throughout the day. I have a LG still air 'bater, which I can pull out one of the small plastic windows to snatch up a chick... So my questions are:

    1- how long can chick #1 stay in the 'bater?
    2- since it's a still air bater, the chick does not seem to be drying out very well, sould that affect when I get him moved to the brooder?
    3- since it is possible that the 20 eggs left to hatch may hatch out over the next 2 days or so, what's the best game plan for removing the chicks?

    I did add some warm water to the 'bater early this morning before any eggs were pipped, and noticed humidity shot up and fogged the windows. I'm guessing if I have to open the bater to do a chick snatch, maybe I do it as fast as possible and add more warm water hopefully no others get shrink wrapped?

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    The chick can stay in there for up to 72 hours.. If one hatched early, as long as the others were all put in there at the same time, they should all hatch before the 72 hour period is up.. If you absolutely need to open the bator, bring it into the bathroom and pout the shower on full hot so it gets nice and steamy.. When the mirror and/or window get nice and foggy, the humidity will be greater than that of the bator and you can quickly snatch any chicks that have hatched and put them in the brooder... Congrats on the chick!

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