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  1. I have a broody that I think is killing her hatched chicks...I just found 1 dead by her face. There is one left that has external pipped and is chirping. I just took it away from her and gave it to my polish broody that has been sitting for about 17 days. She is a first time broody so I dont know if she will be ok with it. She has 4 other eggs under her. Should I try and let it hatch under a heat lamp or just leave it with this broody.
    please help someone....
    The reason I think she is killing them is she has been broody many times but the chicks never make it out alive. I just thought it was other circumstances but now I think it is her for sure. No one else can get to the eggs this time but her!
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    NO heating lamp unless it's completely out otherwise you may over cook it or dry it up. Do you have a bator? Stick it in the bator and raise it yourself..

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