Need help feather loss, not molting

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    Mar 17, 2016
    My Rhode Island Red female has lost the feathers on both sides of her neck. Thought it was molting at first but nothing has grown back. Does have some pin feathers but it hasn't changed in around 4 months. Now there is a 2 inch bald circle under her tail. It was suggested it might be pecking but she seems to be the dominant of the 3. Not sure what to do. She is eating and laying everyday. Not sure if I should find a vet to take her to or not. Don't want to ignore it if there is something I can do. Thanks Sheri
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Welcome to BYC. New feathers coming in are very attractive to other chickens. I have had good luck with BluKote spray to help with feather picking in the past, but Nustock Cream is also good to hide and to provide a bad taste. Chicken pick feathers from boredom, too little room, too little protein, and not getting outside to roam. Molting usually occurs about 16-18 months initially, then every year thereafter. Feather picking can become a habit, and cannibalism can occur if it keeps up. I would increase their protein a little by giving them some higher protein gamebird starter or an all flock feed around 20% protein.
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