need help figuring the breeds of my chicks

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    Jun 14, 2011
    so i had a hatching of chicks on the 4th of july in an incubator i bought some buff orpington eggs and to fill out the rest of the room i posted an add on craigslist for firtile eggs and i had 2 ladies respond but i had no idea of what breed the eggs were. so im hoping some of you might be able to help me. the birds are now almost 2 months old and have most there adult feathering coming in.

    all the chicks there are 24 total. 11 of which are buffs

    i have 4 that are pure white with gray beaks and one of them has these cool looking elvis feathers off the back of its legs. my grandmother thinks they are silkies. what do you think?

    i have this one that is a very pretty gray and white almost like a bald eagles markings.

    then there is the one that looks like a penguin. my girlfriend took a strange liking to this one and named it after the happy feet penguin. mumble.

    then i have one like this that has a fro and is black in color but the neck feathers that are all tipped in silver.

    then there are 3 other black ones, this one is much smaller then all the other birds.

    the one in the bottom left is a all black and has like a mohawk down its back.

    there is an all black one that has and extra set of toes and a fro

    i know tough pic but this one is a brown and gold speckle.
    its bottom left in this picture.

    then i have a pure brown leghorn on the left and on the right has a rose comb and is white and black speckled.

    this is its daddy and he too has the rose comb

    all buff orpingtons

    well let me know what you think they may be and please attach the number by the pic so i know what bird your talking about.

    thank you for your time

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    a place
    It's hard to tell, but I think the person who you got your eggs from had a mixed flock, and by the looks of it, had a bunch of silkies. [​IMG] So most of your birds are probably mixes. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I agree. [​IMG] I see some silkie mixes. Your white one resembles my sultan when she was little. How many toes does that white chick have? Sultans have 5 toes. If that is what you have there, it is probably a mix, though, or maybe a boy. I only have 1, and she is a girl, her pouf was very full and round right away. So I'm not experienced enough to know if boys have more of a crest like some other top hat breeds. I assume they do. [​IMG]

    Wait, I just looked again. Gray beak? Probably a silkie cross, like the others. Maybe crossed with a cochin to get those leg feathers. [​IMG]

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