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    Mar 23, 2012
    West Branch, Michigan
    Yesterday I was in at TSC and this guy and I got to talking about another feed store in the area (kinda) that carries poultry. I live in West Branch and he said it was about an hour south of here and West of Pinconning. I feel like a complete idiot that I can not remember the name of it. I have been googling feed stores in the area and looking at maps trying to figure out where it might be since last night. So far I can't find a thing. I think it's a feed store but I'm not 100% sure. He also said that the store was in a town that was so small, it only had 3 buildings. This is sooooo frustrating.

    I feel stupid that I can't remember, but I had a major distraction come up right after he and I had finished talking to the guy. I was watching all the new baby bantys mill around in the tank, when all of a sudden, 5 of them jumped on this little guy (girl?) and started attacking. It was awful! One chick had one leg and one had another and they were doing the tug-of war thing while the others were pecking at it's head. Poor baby was screaming it's head off and of course there was not an employee to be found. So, I reached in and snatched the chick up. While walking around trying to find someone to help me out, I fell in love. I should have known that if I touch it, it will end up coming home with me, lol. So, now I have one little banty chick, all alone in a box in my bathroom. Man, he is SO tiny!! Checked on him this morning and he's still alive. So, hopefully he will be ok. I'm not 100% sure but, I think he's a cochin. Cute little thing. I hope he makes it.

    So, short story long, does anybody happen to know where this place is that I am talking about? Or the name of it? I was told that they have indian runner ducklings and guineas in there and I would really rather go pick them out instead of having to order them and wait.

    Thanks in advance :).

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