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    Feb 6, 2011
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    My husband was in an accident and broke three vertebrae and 7 ruptured disks. He is in pain, managed slightly by medication. This was a year ago. He has become so angry. He feels worthless and several times a day he tells me he is going to die soon anyway. This is complicated by heavy smoking and blood pressure at 218 over 162 last doctors visit. He is 60 years old and barely able to walk. He just has not taken this well at all. I now have to support us, so I am at work all the time and things just keep getting worse and worse. His birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. He saw some frizzle chickens on the Jay Leno Show a couple of years ago and talks about them all the time. Maybe if I give him something to take interest in, and he will be able to take care of chickens (he tried to lead my horse last week and got his little toe broken because he simply can't move fast enough, more pain yeah). I know diddlee about frizzles, can anybody tell me where to find some? If I can find some of show quality he can get involved in something instead of pity? At wits end.
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    Hi Bugs!

    So sorry to hear about your husband's injury....I can totally relate to this because my first husband was hit by a car and had his leg severly broken. It took him a long time to recover, and many surgeries. That cronic pain can cause some severe depression, and make them act just really mean and unappreciative. One thing I'd like to mention, is that he might really benefit if he took an antidepressant. Cronic pain is so hard to live with--especially back pain. Perhaps he should go to a pain management center.....

    I think your idea is WONDERFUL! I have only one frizzle chicken myself. It is a polish bantam, and quite adoreable! I have no idea if it would be a show bird or not. The only lady I know who has frizzle chickens is Paris Gannon, and you can find her on facebook. Just do a search with the word "Partybird" or "Partybird Gannon", he is her prized frizzle......

    Well, good luck to you and take care! I will have to send you a pic of my Polish frizzle to share with your husband. I'm not good at uploading pics, but I'll try!

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    Thats a brilliant idea! Put a post up in the Breeds Genetics and Showing forum. Someone there is sure to know where to get frizzles!
    We have 2 ourselves but i know my DD won't part with them [​IMG]
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    Don't wait until his birthday! Get some for him ASAP. [​IMG]

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