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Need Help from Guinea pig people !!!

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by bossynbella, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. bossynbella

    bossynbella Songster

    Aug 11, 2007
    I have posted about my guinea pigs a few times over the last year. We finally found homes for the boys and just have the four girls.
    Stella and Popcorn - I got stella last may for my birthday. Popcorn is her daughter. Popcorn is close to the same size as Stella, but Stella is a small guinea pig, smaller then Lola and Panda.
    Stella is white with blue eyes, she is the friendliest guinea pig, not as loud as the others, greats you at the cage door every day, isn't usually hard to catch and doesn't mind being held.
    Popcorn is creamy colored with a white stripe around her belly. She is a freak. She acts like you are going to kill her all the time, and screams like you are as soon as she sees you reaching for her. Catching her is like trying to catch a wild rabbit. She continues to cry after she is caught every time you pet her she squeals like u are killing her. She has been handled since she was a few hours old. She has always had this attitude though.

    Lola and Panda - I got them in August. Off of craigslist from a family that was moving. I had thought the cage they came with was bigger, but it was actually smaller then the cage I had to begin with.
    Panda is black and white - reminds me of a hampshire - she is skittish, hard to catch, and acts like you are going to kill her when you pick her up.
    Lola is white with two brown patches. She is friendly, a bit easier to catch and will let you do whatever you want with her once you pick her up. She is also the one I am having the problem with.

    Now that you know a bit about them here is the problem

    I bought a big guinea pig cage. It is like three of their old ones put together plus a few inches. I put the guinea pigs in it, Lola kept chasing Stella and popcorn, though I never saw her bite it looked like she was trying to if she could catch them. She and Panda also cornered popcorn in one of the tunnel houses, one stood on each side so they covered both doors .
    I removed Lola before going to work and the fighting stopped. At work (walmart) I got carrots, celery and apples, some bedding ( I was out) and some of the treat sticks they love.
    Once home I put lola back in with the other three who are doing "okay" Panda still tries to sniff at Popcorn who freaks out as soon as she sees her and runs screaming for cover, As soon as I set Lola in she starts back with the clicking noise she did the first time. Stella starts doing it too, then Panda. Popcorn squeals from the log toy she is hidding in.
    Lola keeps at it, chasing trying to bite, I keep interveening when it gets to rough, but letting it go a bit thinking they will settle down. Finially I just put her back in the old cage.
    Is there any hope? Or am I stuck with having to either find her a new home, or keeping two cages of guinea pigs. ( I got rid of the boys so I wouldn't have to do that)

    Sorry this is so long. I would post pictures of the new cage but I can't locate my camera

  2. redhen

    redhen Kiss My Grits... Premium Member

    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    I would let them be... they need to figure out their pecking order...
    Yep.. one WILL get beat down .. but unless it does not stop... or one is getting hurt or made to LIVE 24/7 hidden...
    I would let them be and see if they can work it out...
    Watch closely to make sure noone is being hurt though...
  3. bossynbella

    bossynbella Songster

    Aug 11, 2007
    So I tried leaving them alone. Lola ended up pulling out a big tuff of Stella's fur, and leaving a small mark. Lola was removed from the cage. She is alone in the old cage with a water bottle and hay. I keep putting her back with the others for long enough to eat the guinea pig food, get some veggies, then once she starts attacking again I put her back in her cage. I am hoping that she is smart enough to figure out, hey this is where all the good stuff is and everytime I attack I get put back with the hay and water tiny cage. I have been doing this about four to five times a day. Sometimes it lasts a minute other times ten to fifteen before she starts again.

    If not...... Lola might be finding a new home, not right away, I will give it at least a month of trying. Panda settled right in, her and popcorn and Stella are all getting along great.

    Here are a couple of old pictures of them. Part of the problem is that Lola is easily twice Stella's size.




    Popcorn (when she was about an hour old, she is almost Stella's size now) She is the one with the stripe around her neck but no blaze.

    The little cage (lola's time out spot)

    Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated
  4. NewHopePoultry

    NewHopePoultry Crowing

    Apr 9, 2007
    You could make a C&C ( Cubes and Coroplast) cage and divided it in the middle. They are easy to make and you can make them as big as you want! You can add levels, etc.

    C&C Guide
  5. watchdogps

    watchdogps Songster

    Jun 4, 2011
    Central Ohio
    A dab of vicks on the nose, and rub all with some scented body spray. By the time the vicks wears off, they should smell the same. Or, can you put a small cage inside the big one and put the grumy girl in it? Perhaps being in close confinement near them will cool her jets.

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