need help from polish experts. advice please

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    Nov 9, 2011
    I need advice from u experts in polish. I have had a flock of 10 hens and one polish roo n one polish hen. My roo gets beat up bad. His head gets bloody and completely bald in back. We seperate him at nght but it doesn't help much. We also coat his wounds with blukote. Still no luck. We have made the choice to seperate him and the other polish girl to a home of their own. My question is if I order some polish chicks in spring for them to hang with....will polish peck on each other like is happening now or just the.normal pecking?? They also free range just fyi
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    Oct 19, 2009
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    Pretty sure your problem is that you have so few Polish, and production-bred ones at that, in a large flock of other breeds. I don't have pecking issues, but I have some VERY dominant/strong willed Polish and plenty of them.

    Adding more Polish to the flock does help a lot, but if you have crest pecking issues, I'd suggest carefully trimming back the front of their crest. Helps vision as well as keeps most pecking habits away.

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