Need help from sheep people and chicken question.....


9 Years
Jul 6, 2010
Eastern MA
I went out this morning to find blood spots all around the sheep pen. I first thought I had a dead chicken somewhere but I found my 4 yo Dorset/Hampshire cross pregnant ewe that seems to be bleeding from the vagina. We got her inside the barn and she doesn't appear to be in labor or in any discomfort. She is due March 31st which makes her 116 days. We have had aborted lambs in the past but we usually find the fetus. This is the first year that we have chickens that roam in and around with the sheep.

Can chickens pass any kind of parasite to sheep to cause abortion?
Would chickens eat an aborted fetus and leave no carcass?
If she doesn't stop bleeding should we check her or would that be asking for more trouble?
What would we look for if we do?
If she is still pregnant, would the lamb be viable?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Chickens can pass salmonella. It can cause abortion.
Chickens eat anything.
Bleeding isn't normal unless she is in hard labor. Even then it's not alot of blood. 116 days is not full term. The lamb/lambs wouldn't survive. 145-155 days is pretty normal.

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